A Look to the Future: May 2020 Update

Welcome to the third DevDiary of D E E X I T !

This has been a month full of online meetings, skype calls and hard work planifying the project. Starting a planification process when working remotely might seem a bit dreadful but after a time of adaptation all went well and smoothly.


  • We prepared a Gantt document that contains all the necessary tasks to complete  D E E X I T . We sorted them thoroughly in a calendar and development time was estimated for the project. This document is actually quite complex as it assigns each worker to each task, builds dependencies between tasks if there is need to and much more;
  • We scheduled bimensual milestones to monitorize the progress of the project; 
  • We started the development of the Prologue of the game and finished the following steps:
    • Visualization: Meetings where we all talk about the Prologue in order to get on the same page regarding what we’ll be working on: visual style, thematic, gameplay… Everything has to be defined in order for the whole team to work in an optimal way and in the same direction;
    • Conceptualizations: We found visual referents and made some concept art of the landmarks and some important items of the level;
  • Level layout: A visual design of the playable part of the level was drawn “on paper”, with it’s platforms, puzzles and stealth zones.

We are now generating brand new Assets for this new level. Searching references, making concepts, colour tests and modeling them.


In the following weeks we will start the Blocking process. We want to get an idea of the dimensions of the level and the time needed for the player to go through it all by walking and exploring. This process consists of bringing the paper design to Unity to a 3D form.

 Also, we will start some of the NPCs development, thinking about their lore, personality and creating concept art for them.


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