At the Start of a Strange Journey

I will be alive, even beyond death…

You wake up in a strange world. All is simple or was supposed to be . Islands float, trees shine bright light, whales soar through the air . The portal behind you just turned off and you have a strange sensation about all this.
Bodies hang above the path to the temple, and this menacing black liquid blocks your path at times. What happened here? What went wrong? How did this corruption start and more importantly, what are you gonna do to stop it?

Welcome to  D E E X I T , a minimalistic journey around the afterlife reflexion with a deep cinematographic approach.

And thanks for crossing the portal.

What is  D E E X I T ?

Well,  D E E X I T has been around for some time now. A while ago, we met Gabriel Jiménez Cabrera. He had the idea for this captivating project about life, death, and the memory connected to these topics. And it was all in a Voxel aesthetic with expressive and almost epic illumination, VFX and cinematographic elements. Needless to say, we fell in love with the project.

Flashforward to a few months later, we at SandBloom Studio had just released EMMA: Lost in Memories and were considering options for the future. On his side, Gabriel needed help from a professional game dev team to help him build his vision. So the decision was easy to take: we were to work together on  D E E X I T.  We’ve been working in silence for some time now: tweaking, improving, and preparing ourselves to open to the world.

And now we’re finally ready to show you what we do.

Ready, Set, DEVBLOG!

We want you to accompany us on our travels in the development and creation of  D E E X I T.  We love this project and know you will as well once you get to know more about it. At the end of the day, what we want is for you to be part of the experience.

We’ll be creating a new post each 2 weeks (on Wednesday at 9:00 am GMT+1) . Here, we will inform you on news about the game (added elements, updates, shows, milestones…) and explore further certain areas, both technical and artistic, about  D E E X I T  and how it was made.

We hope you’ll look forward to it all and will become as excited as we are about  D E E X I T.

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