How to Cube? Or how we came to Praise MagicaVoxel

For some, creating videogames is like magic. Well for us, it’s Magica… No? No one? Okay. It’s a bad joke, alright, but it is also true: over time a software called MagicaVoxel has become central in our work. In this devblog I wanted to share a few things about what this software is, why we decided to use it and most of all, what issues we have found with it and how we worked around them. If you are interested

Improvements along the way: July 2020 Update

Welcome to a new DevDiary entry of our blog! June has been a month of production but also of change. We are finally back to the office after 3 months of lockdown and working from home. We are of course taking all necessary security measures. We came back with new energy and excited to be able to create and develop our projects together.  This month we have concluded the “environment modelling and texture” phase. We also finished working on NPCs

Level design: Blocking of a voxel game?

Hi, I’m Joan Aparicio Casamada, level designer of DEEXIT and game developer of SandBloom Studio! How are you? It’s been a while since we started DEEXIT development and we improved all of our processes and the tools we use to design every part of the game. One key part of our process now is BLOCKING! Blocking, Blockout, Greyboxing… this process has a lot of names, and that is because everyone does it their own way and uses this process for

The skeleton of a level: June 2020 Update

Welcome to a new DevDiary entry of our blog! This was a very productive month for us. We continued making props and modeling the environment of the Prologue. It is now very advanced and the results are fulfilling the vision we initially had for it. Also, we started with the blocking process of the game. This allows us to have an idea of the dimensions of all the playable parts of the level. It also helps us to balance the


Hi everyone! Welcome to this DEEXIT’s new devblog post. I’m Gabriel Jiménez Cabrera, creator and director of DEEXIT, and in this post we are going to talk about the cinematographic language in the videogame and what applying it to our work implies. Cinematography in the videogames Films and videogames share a lot of similarities from their very beginnings, we need a camera (virtual in the case of videogames) for the viewer to be able to receive the information through the

A Look to the Future: May 2020 Update

Welcome to the third DevDiary of D E E X I T ! This has been a month full of online meetings, skype calls and hard work planifying the project. Starting a planification process when working remotely might seem a bit dreadful but after a time of adaptation all went well and smoothly. We prepared a Gantt document that contains all the necessary tasks to complete  D E E X I T . We sorted them thoroughly in a calendar

Some Impossible Cubes

An Overview of the Surreal and the importance of Lore in D E E X I T Impossible yet so simple. The cube is the building block and the core element of D E E X I T . Its simplicity already generates a first layer of surrealism: to see a world represented by only cubes challenges the “normal” and the usual comprehension of things. It supposes a change in perspective and a distancing from realism. That is an objective

Closing a Phase: April 2020 Update

Welcome to the second DevDiary of D E E X I T ! This month we closed a little demo of D E E X I T where we show the basic mechanics and mood of the game. This demo is closed to publishers and investors so we will not publish it yet. But, if you want to try a bit of D E E X I T do not worry, we have something for you! Because this month we

Control Improvement: How?

Hello, fellow travellers. These days have been a little chaotic but here we are, in the bastion of development.  So we asked ourselves, what is the thing you NEED to know now that the world is ending?  Yes, you got it, we’re talking about character control and how it was made! The first order of business to create a good control was to figure out which were the principal actions we wanted the player to be able to take.  In

Polishing a Cube: March 2020 Update

Hello everyone! These weeks have been full of improvements and intense work. We were wishing to tell you how D E E X I T development was going so here goes. First of all, we are going to talk about what we have done the past weeks: Vault implementation: if you follow us on social media, you should know that we have a new vault system. We think this gives you the opportunity to freely explore and discover the world

From the past to the present: D E E X I T

Welcome to the first REAL post on our Devblog about  D E E X I T ‘s development. For a while now we’ve been wanting to show you our advances and setbacks on the journey to create a game like this one. But let us start from the beginning. When we picked up the technical demo for D E E X I T , we saw a lot of potential in it, but we also knew there was much work

At the Start of a Strange Journey

I will be alive, even beyond death… You wake up in a strange world. All is simple or was supposed to be . Islands float, trees shine bright light, whales soar through the air . The portal behind you just turned off and you have a strange sensation about all this. Bodies hang above the path to the temple, and this menacing black liquid blocks your path at times. What happened here? What went wrong? How did this corruption start

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2020 © SandBloom Studio. All rights reserved.