Improvements along the way: July 2020 Update

Welcome to a new DevDiary entry of our blog!

June has been a month of production but also of change. We are finally back to the office after 3 months of lockdown and working from home. We are of course taking all necessary security measures. We came back with new energy and excited to be able to create and develop our projects together. 

This month we have concluded the “environment modelling and texture” phase. We also finished working on NPCs and we were able to reach the final point of the blocking phase of the prologue. We now can see the style and mood we want to achieve within what we have.

We have also been up to a lot of prototyping. It is important at all stages to make a lot of tests for each mechanic and avoid jumping straight to a final version. The objective is to be sure before dedicating too much time to a task that it is fun, imaginative, different (specially relevant for a puzzle for example). This also helps to get an idea on the puzzle difficulty and value if it is well balanced.

At the same time, we have implemented new mechanics, like turning a corner while climbing a wall, or dropping from a ledge to a wall climb. We also tweaked player control while moving boxes in order to make this interaction more satisfactory. We added rotation so that it can be moved where you want, not only in a straight line.

We will now be working on the prototype of the stealth zones and on balancing the puzzles, finishing their implementation, tweaking the mechanics, preparing the scenes and finishing up on modelling for the boss and the enemies.

Along the month of July we will finish and polish the stealth zones in the final scenes, we will program the NPCs and their behaviour and will work on the shaders, vfx and lighting for the world.

Thanks for your attention.

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