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A  minimalist journey around the afterlife reflexion with a depp cinematographic approach.

The Game
Is there life after death? Embark in a surrealistic afterlife journey, discover the secrets of a new and misterious world in this atmospheric light puzzle-platformer with a hint of stealth. Explore a warm voxel world with an intense cinematic approach. Dive into this deep reflexive experience and try to find the exit!

Key Features

  • A relaxing journey with unexpected encounters
    You wake up in a new and intriguing and surrealist world. Where are you? What are you doing here? Why everything seems so different? Embark in a voyage full of interesting characters, learn and rest in warm environments, explore and hide in cold ones. Discover the purpose of your journey but always remember that some adversities can’t be faced alone.


  • A Voxel art style with a strong cinematic approach
    Be delighted by the curious combination of a minimalistic art style with an intense cinematic approach.


  • A light gameplay approach
    Embark in a thrilling journey without needing to be a hardcore player. DEEXIT mix touches of puzzles, stealth, platforming and action game in a chill and pleasant experience enjoyable by anyone.


  • A reflexion around the afterlife and the memories
    With DEEXIT we want to open the discussion around these fascinating topics from a heartwarming way. We hope you will enjoy our ode to life.


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Deexit credits

Gabriel Jiménez Cabrera
Game Director & Game Design

Beatriz Blanes Gimeno

Gerard Ferri Ventura

Julien Gatumel Fernández
Artist & Level Design

Oriol Sanz Arenas
Programming Lead

Jonathan Hortelano Rodríguez

Joan Aparicio Casamada
Programing & Level Design

Victor Riera Matas
Music & Sound Effects

Cold Weather Company
Main theme


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2020 © SandBloom Studio. All rights reserved.