The skeleton of a level: June 2020 Update

Welcome to a new DevDiary entry of our blog!

This was a very productive month for us. We continued making props and modeling the environment of the Prologue. It is now very advanced and the results are fulfilling the vision we initially had for it.

Also, we started with the blocking process of the game. This allows us to have an idea of the dimensions of all the playable parts of the level. It also helps us to balance the difficulty and overall experience. For example, we want for the platforming gameplay to be hard enough to present a challenge (and not be boring) to the players but easy enough not to frustrate them.

Networking is one of the most important parts in every industry and it allows certain projects to come to life. Without it, it would be almost impossible to create a successful game in today’s industry.  So we always try to catch every opportunity to participate in meeting events, even in the current situation. That’s why we participated in the European Games BizDev Gathering, an online business event where we had a lot of interesting meetings with other companies in the game dev sector.

We are currently prototyping the puzzles of the Prologue, using simple shapes and light scripting to simulate the feel of the mechanics and to know if the puzzle works, if it’s funny enough and in order to balance it. We are also polishing and completing all main VFX for the prologue and starting animation on NPCs and other (secret) elements.

In the future we will start prototyping the stealth zones where the player will have to confront our fearsome enemies.We will also start rebuilding said enemies.

Thanks for your attention.

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